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School Visits

Hello! I'm Cambria.
I would love to visit your school
and speak to your student writers!

When I'm not writing novels, I love teaching and working with student writers, helping them discover realms of their own. I have a Master of Fine Arts in Writing and have been a secondary creative writing teacher for almost two decades. Helping student writers gain confidence and practice their writing craft is one of the best things about teaching.

What do your student writers need? I offer six different hour-long presentations that can be given in a small group setting, a creative writing classroom, or a larger setting like your media center or auditorium.

I would love to speak to you about helping your student writers become the confident and skillful dreamers this next generation of literature needs!

Contact me on the form below to inquire about me visiting your school.

"How to Begin Your Story

the Right Way"

Tired of reading stories that begin with characters waking up? This presentation offers tricks on writing killer opening lines, tips on where in the story to begin, and what a first chapter needs to keep the audience turning the page.

"Characters are Key"

Readers don't read for plots. They read for characters. In this presentation, I'll share ways to develop realistic characters whom readers will root for, helping students understand why flat stereotypes aren't just boring to read, they're boring to write.

"Don't Draft Until Your Know These 4 EssentialThings"

Brainstorming is an essential part of the writing process. And student writers oftentimes love to skip this step. If you find your student writers are stringing together a plot without meaning, this is just the presentation for them.

"Let's Write Something Beautiful Together"

Descriptive writing can be tough for novice writers who want to write beautiful prose, yet tend to rely solely on "sight" sensory imagery. Let's help them add to their bag of descriptive writing tricks!

"Publishing's Long, Arduous Journey"

If you have aspiring novelists in your class, I would love to share with them all the ins and outs of becoming a published author. 

***This presentation may easily be conducted virtually, too!

"Teach Your Characters

How to Talk"

We can all talk, so why is writing dialogue so difficult? This presentation will focus on the all-important when to use dialogue, action beats, and dialogue tags, and a review of how it should be formatted. 


Contact me for more details or to schedule your school visit.

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