About Me

"I know nothing with any certainty,
but the sight of the stars makes me dream."
                                                                   --Vincent Van Gogh

Cambria lives in two worlds. Writing and teaching. 

As the awkward “new kid,” Cambria regularly faced a playground full of bullies, and so, she was absolutely terrified when she stood in front of her 5th grade class to accept an award for a school writing contest she'd won. But, like most good stories, an internal debacle later morphed into a poignant moment for Cambria. At a young writers’ conference that she was invited to attend as a result of winning that award, she met one of her childhood heroes, author, Beverly Cleary. Ms. Cleary had kind eyes and said, “young lady, You. Keep. Writing.”  Those words helped carry Cambria through the remainder of a difficult school year and offered continued comfort through the dreaded formative years of adolescence.  Now,  over twenty-five years later, between grading papers, lesson planning, and performing “mom duty,” Cambria still follows the direction of Ms. Cleary, and she writes. 

Today, Cambria shares her first love, writing, through her second love, teaching. Cambria has taught English and creative writing for thirteen years, and when asked how she survives teaching teenagers, her common response is that “someone has to love them.”  Cambria derives strength in the inspirational words Ms. Clearly once shared and stands in front of her classroom on a daily basis, striving to emulate that encouragement for her students through teaching with passion, support, and love. 

There is music in her mind . . . always.  While writing, teaching, and being a mother, Cambria has continued to foster her love for music.  Throughout the years, Cambria has won several talent contests, including “Murray City’s Got Talent," has performed the National Anthem at various stadiums, and loves singing at Christmas venues, especially The Festival of Trees.  In an effort to combine her love for teaching and music, Cambria developed a one-of-a-kind teaching practicum, which she and colleague, David Stone, M.Ed., now present to other education professionals, that includes music in the classroom as a facilitating tool to encourage students’ connection to literature and poetry. They have presented at the UCTE Annual Conference, the UMLA Annual Conference, and currently are co-writing a book on their practicum, Music Speaks

Cambria is a native to Utah, but a born traveler. Some of her favorite places are Boothbay Harbor, Maine, and overseas, Florence, Italy and Cambridge, England, where she spent an incredible summer studying Shakespeare abroad at Cambridge University. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Arts in English and History. She is an active member of the National Writers Association and The Utah League of Writers.  

Cambria loves sushi, goofing off with her too-good-to-be-true husband, and assuming the duties of her self-appointed role as president of The F.A.B. Book Club.  She is most grateful for her two spectacular children, who often challenge her to find time to write, but inspire her to achieve the stars.