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By Cambria Williams


Sloane, sheltered, yet persistent, believes she’s capable, and longs for everyone to see past her disabled leg. Selling at Market Day unaccompanied is the chance to prove herself. But when she returns home to her village, she’s shattered to discover the Befallen has killed everyone. Having nothing but her faith in the goddesses of the moon, she’s forced to test her strength in the outside world. Sloane realizes the kingdom is dangerous even without the Befallen: full of thieves, thugs, and, worse, heretics.

Sloane is further shocked no one seems to know the entire legend, which promises a hero will defeat the Befallen. When she learns an order of knights have vowed to fulfill the legend, she’s determined to help them as she alone was taught that a weapon will be gifted from the seldom-seen goddess of the Azure Moon.

Sir Tolvar, a banished, famed knight, wrestling with the demons of his past, is skeptical. He’s reluctant to let Sloane join their cause until she convinces him that faith carries its own power.

As the two uncover the mysteries surrounding the Befallen—growing steadily stronger—an impossible task is thrust upon Sloane that makes her question everything …



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