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By Cambria Williams


Sloane has never let her disabled leg hinder her, and she’s tired of being regarded as less than capable. But when she returns home to find the Befallen has killed everyone while she was away, Sloane must test her strength and find a new life elsewhere. But the world outside her village is a dangerous place even without the Befallen, full of thieves, thugs, and, worse, heretics. Sloane clings to her faith in the goddesses of the moon and in a forsaken legend, which promises a hero will defeat the Befallen with a weapon gifted from the seldom seen Azure Moon goddess. 


With the Azure Moon’s night looming, Sloane seeks to offer forgotten information about the legend only she knows to an order of knights who’ve vowed to find the promised hero. But Sir Tolvar, a famed knight, banished from his own country, and grappling with demons of his own, is skeptical. He’s reluctant to let Sloane join their cause until she proves that faith carries its own power. As the two begin to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Befallen, an impossible task is placed before Sloane. She must prove that what makes her distinct will be the difference between saving her new loved ones and watching the entire continent succumb to the curse behind the Befallen.

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