Cambria Williams believes in the magic of fairy tales and fantasy.  

Since Cambria could grip a crayon and scribble the alphabet, she has been writing.  The princesses (usually named Jessica), stables of mischievous horses, and the whimsical kingdoms of Cambria’s youthful mind have evolved through her continued education,

years of devouring countless books, and cultivating her own

unique style as a writer and storyteller.

Cambria is excited to share with the world her debut novel, 

The Evening’s First Star,

of her young adult fantasy series, The StarSeers.


The Legend of the Five is a fable that has been around longer than anyone alive in the war-riddled lands of Lenfore and Grenden can remember. It foretells the return of the lost sovereign, who will bring back the vanished sovereign's city, Asalle, and reunite the Capella Realm, restoring peace. A fool's tale. For who can believe such a story? An entire city, vanished and returned?

Faith of that kind does not exist any longer.   

Unless you still believe in the StarSeers  . . .  


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