Cambria Williams


CAMBRIA WILLIAMS writes fantasy fiction and poetry. She is the author of the upcoming fantasy novel, The Befallen, scheduled to be released in 2023.

She's always been intrigued by mythology, folklore, and fairy tales, and that interest is reflected in her writing.

Cambria is the co-author of Simply Free, a book of collaborative poetry and art.

She has traveled extensively, taking in inspiration from all over the world. When she’s not writing, Cambria is reading. She’s built a sizeable library despite the fact that she’s long since run out of shelf space.

Cambria has a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Writing from Lindenwood University. She lives in Utah with her two children, husband, and dog.  


The island country of Deogol is a dangerous place.

The Befallen, a mysterious, dark force that kills all life in its path,

can strike at any time.

When the unthinkable tragedy hits her village,

persistent and devoted believer Sloane must wield her faith to defeat it.

But when met with thieves, thugs, and heretics,

can Sloane’s strength withstand the enemies of her quest?



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